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1 - I only trade, no sales. Nothing you find here is for sale, and never will be.
You will not find any official releases here either.
If you want an official release, support the artist and go out and buy it!
2 - If you contact me first, you send first. (This rule is not set in stone. If you have a good rep, I usually send at the same time)
3 - I trade good name brand CDR.
4 - I trade worldwide
5 - All shows are DAO unless stated otherwise. If yours are TAO you must let me know.
6 - No MP3 sourced material except in rare circumstances. I must know ahead of time.
7 - If for some reason I do not get your package, you should re-send. I will do the same if mine do not show up.
8 - Most traders don't want their discs written on. I don't care. Saves me the trouble.
9 - At this point, I prefer to trade via data DVDs. It's less discs, less hastle, and faster to burn. But I still will trade audio CDs. Just might take me a little longer to get my part done.


NOTICE: I do this for fun and enjoyment.
I do not sit and listen for every little error. I listen to the shows and enjoy the music, if I happen to notice errors, I will note the major ones, or a large amount of small ones. Especially TAO.
I WILL NOT replace because track 7 at 2:03 has a little pop.
I will replace, damaged discs and burn errors (I check sections of the shows I burn, but I am human and can miss things)
Chances are, if you find a problem, my original has it as well. ( I don't mind checking to make sure, just drop me a line and ask. If it is something I screwed up, I will happily replace)

If you are very anal about your boots, and want to know every little error, and source, then you probably do not want to trade with me.

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